LANDesk Software CEO: Helping Customers See the Future

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LANDesk Software CEO Steve Daly believes that success in managing and securing your IT environment is a matter of perspective—and it’s better to manage from the “end user in” than the traditional “data center out.” I spoke with Daly about why he believes IT departments need this new approach, and why, despite their desire to so, many IT organizations aren’t ready to automate operations.

Focus your message

LANDesk provides end point security and management solutions. “We don’t come in with a big grand strategy about how we’re going to automate your cloud infrastructure and all of that kind of stuff,” Daly said. His main message: end user devices are so diverse and distributed that IT can’t efficiently provision, secure and manage them centrally. So it’s time to stop doing it. “If you take a view that you’re just going to manage from the corporate firewall and just try to control [end user devices] from here, you’ve failed,” Daly said.

Don’t force a customer’s hand

Most users now have more than one device they use for work. “The reality is IT cannot get involved every time” they have a problem, said Daly. So LANDesk has introduced products, such as its service desk, to provide more automated self-service options for users. However, IT departments aren’t completely comfortable with fully-automated processes “They’re afraid the system will get out of control if they don’t have check points,” Daly said. So the platform allows them to incorporate steps that require a person to take action.

Look at the big picture

LANDesk helps its customers’ IT departments manage hardware and monitor how end users access applications, including mobile devices. But Daly thinks the industry as a whole needs better solutions for monitoring where data moves. “We need the ability to track that data in motion and treat it as an asset,” he said. “We’re heading there, but I think as an industry we still haven’t gotten our heads around how to solve that problem.”

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