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Enterprise organizations have varying layers and channels of decision-making, and as many tech marketers can attest, each of those layers has a specific set of individuals with specific responsibilities. What is becoming more and more evident in today’s marketing outreach is that information needs to be packaged in a way that speaks to the specific individual that you are trying to reach. Understanding what influences them and sources they rely on helps marketers package messages so they are delivered in the right way at the right time. IDG Enterprise’s 2014 Role & Influence of the Technology Decision-Maker dives into the evolving role and influence of tech decision-makers in today’s corporations – what are their primary influences, their information needs, and sources they rely on.

Peers rank #1 as the source to keep up-to-date with technology (71%) (edging it away from tech content sites by a small margin at 70%) AND as the top information source for each stage of the purchase process. Search engines (58%), white papers (54%) and tech pubs (53%) round out the top 5; however, company size and title make a difference in what they see as more or less valuable as a source. There are a number of information channels that tech decision-makers use and they continue to increase in number, but top access points remain the same.

Video is a growing resource for executives. An overwhelming majority (88%) of respondents have watched a tech-related video in the past three months, and that viewing has led to additional product research (63%). But they are not spending time with just any video, 47% said that video production quality is critical/very important.

Overall, tech decision-makers say that the content put in front of them needs to be credible and that importance can be seen through their consumption habits and use of the resources.

What resources is your organization using to reach the tech buyer?

For more information on this research, please visit the Role & Influence resources located here.

Source: IDG Enterprise Role & influence of the Technology Decision-Maker Study, 2014

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