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Alliance Partner initiatives have again become a critical marketing tactic as IT vendors work to establish the strategic value of their solutions, by bringing two or more companies together to meet a customer’s objectives. Each partner brings their individual brand equity and solution strengths to the table – and if effective, the combination offers a more compelling solution.

These partnerships are strategic – and sometimes complex – endeavors that can involve all elements of the marketing mix and even extend to sales and distribution processes. As they embark on their partner marketing efforts, many companies are faced with challenges including:

1) Absence of an alliance partner liaison to facilitate communications, determine marketing assets and align all partners with consistent messaging.

2) Insufficient resources dedicated to create valuable content in support of your alliance marketing efforts.

3) Lack of third-party validation to enhance credibility and extend awareness of their partner solutions.

4) Inadequate access and knowledge of the most appropriate channels to reach your target audience.

Due to the important nature of partner marketing, a fine-tuned strategy and dedicated resources are invaluable. Bringing a credible third party into the mix that is focused on the success of your partnership can address all of these challenges and ensure that your strategy aligns with your goals.

Do you have dedicated resources assigned to your partner marketing efforts?


Alliance Advisory Services

IDG Enterprise’s Alliance Advisory Services can mitigate the challenges that IT marketers face when it comes to partnership marketing by recommending and executing a plan that will showcase the benefits of each partner and the aligned solutions, while providing third party validity. We help our customers grow their strategic partnerships by elevating their value to their partners with turnkey integrated programs and marketing services. We provide marketers with impactful ways to leverage their market strength for their partners’ benefit and strengthen their alliances.

Alliance Advisory Services offers a robust portfolio of turnkey solutions that can supplement ongoing initiatives – including research based programs and white papers – or our full consultative team can facilitate partner relations, build and execute brand messaging and your library of assets, amplify messaging socially, organize custom events and more.

Our highly targeted demand generation and lead nurturing programs help partners get in front of a highly targeted audience at the right time, in the right place and with the right message.

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