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Vivek Ranadive, CEO of TIBCO Software is also a bestselling author of works including, most recently, The Two-Second Advantage: How We Succeed by Anticipating the Future—Just Enough. As you’d expect, this proponent of event-driven computing and herald of Enterprise 3.0 is handy with a well-turned phrase (a relational database is a “phone that doesn’t ring”). I spoke with Ranadive about why he thinks real-time computing can change business.

Define a New Perspective

TIBCO provides a platform for companies to tie their systems together to take advantage of real-time events. “What’s the point of knowing you’ve lost a customer after the customer leaves … or that you have a power outage when it’s already dark?” Ranadive said. He described a telecommunications company in India that was losing a million customers for every 5 million they added.

“In the old world, people were going into a database six months after and trying to make sense out of what was happening. In the event-driven world, we saw that after six dropped calls, you switched. After the fifth dropped call, we would make you an offer for free SMS minutes if you topped off your prepaid card. So the problem of customer loss was gone.”

Create Concepts for Customers

Ranadive touts TIBCO products as tools to achieve what he calls “Enterprise 3.0″—the evolution from mainframe computing, then relational databases, to data analysis in real time. He also offers an analogy between TIBCO’s product areas and the human body. The company’s service bus is like the human nervous system. “You have one interface, and it plugs into the bus, and once you plug it in the bus then it can talk to everything else,” he said. The business process management module is like the muscles: “It’s what makes things happen,” he said. Business optimization tools are like the brain: “You connect everything through the nervous system and you’re picking up events, and then you put those events into the brain and you start finding patterns.”

Explain How You Align With Trends

TIBCO offers its services in the cloud, but it also allows our customers to build hybrid clouds using their own infrastructure and the public cloud infrastructure. The company also wants to make it easy for customers to create in-house software as a service applications. With the Tibbr social tool, companies can create social networks that integrate with major enterprise software applications, so employees can follow topics as well as individuals. “You can have a very fine level of granularity on what you want to follow,” Ranadive said. “You might want to follow a person, but only what [they do] that pertains to a specific topic.”

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