CES 2017 Coverage

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Track the latest from IDG’s editorial and video teams at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, January 5-8th.

10 Cool Creative Tech Treasures at CES 2017

CES is always heaven on earth for the gadget obsessed. While glitzy car tech, virtual reality, home automation, and wearables tend to dominate the headlines, consumer tech companies didn’t forget about visually-oriented parents and teachers, students and photographers, and the artistically-inclined among us seeking that hidden gem that solves problems and boosts creativity.

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The Weirdest Smart Home Devices at CES 

A talking fridge, a Wi-Fi trash can, and a bed for hacking your sleep. Welcome to the home of the future.

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In Pictures: The Hottest Cars of CES 2017

Cars have become one of the most popular attractions at CES in Las Vegas. Auto manufacturers are using the show, which happens a week before the North American International Automobile Show in Detroit, to preview cutting edge tech coming to cars in the future. Here are the hottest cars at CES this week.

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CES 2017: Early Trends and Thoughts

After a full day of meetings at CES 2017, I noticed a few trends that could bubble up beyond some of the bigger ones that get a lot of the media’s attention. Roaming around a large hotel ballroom (The Mirage Events Center, actually) during the Pepcom Digital Experience event, I noticed a LOT of individual products, but some of them have coalesced into themes to watch during the year.

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8K Matures at CES, But Your PC May Not Be Ready

In 2020, 4K will be passe. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be broadcast in the 8K resolution, which is four times deeper than 4K. The 8K resolution—7680 x 4320 pixels—will make movies will look stunning, and gaming will be even better than on today’s PlayStation Pro or Xbox One S. There’s a good chance you aren’t thinking of 8K yet because you haven’t even moved to 4K.

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CES 2017: The Future of Home Robotics is Getting Closer

David Vanderwall, VP of marketing for LG, introduced a variety of smart products (under the brand name of SmartThinQ) that sounded as though they might eventually know their users better than the users know themselves.

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Battle Lines Drawn as Chromebooks, Windows PCs Renew Rivalry at CES

Microsoft wants a go-to Chromebook competitor, and it may be getting one in upcoming Windows 10 PCs with ARM chips. Those Windows 10 laptops and tablets could look something like Samsung’s latest Chromebook Pro and Plus announced at CES. The attractive 2-in-1s have 12.3-inch screens and are targeted at those who do most of their computing online.

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Hottest Products from CES 2017 

It’s time once again for the International CES, the world’s largest consumer electronics trade show. Thousands of people will flock to Las Vegas to see the latest gizmos, gadgets, TVs, computers, smartphones, robots and other devices meant to make our lives easier. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the products on display at the show.

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CES 2017: The PCs, Gadgets, and Gear We Can’t Wait to See

Going to CES is like going into a wild, overgrown jungle: You need a machete and a good guide to hack your way out. That’s why we’re here. We’ve scouted out the big stories and cut through the hype so we can tell you what’s really worth seeing—the innovations and technological advances that will make a difference over the next year.

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4 CES Surprises Already Teased for Android Lovers

As the end of December approaches, visions of sugar plums are dancing in Android fans’ heads as they await the big event. Not Christmas—we’re talking about CES 2017. While there are more rumors than you can shake a stocking at, several companies have already begun to promote their upcoming announcements.




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