Change is Constant, Quality Endures

Living as we do at the confluence of technology and media, change is constant at IDG. In my 15-year career the cadence of disruption has accelerated from years to months to weeks. Technology, skills, people and metrics evolve and revolve at breakneck pace. Products develop, platforms and media come and go. We continue to succeed because we remain true to our core values of quality, advocacy for a closely defined audience (tech decision-makers), and independence.

We attract and engage influential audiences of technology buyers. And we help our customers meaningfully market their products to that audience to the long-term benefit of both.

The foundation of IDG’s value is our editors and content. We are the most trusted information source in our space. We have no need to shock to generate attention, but we entertain as well as inform. And we stay close to the audience. We respect members of our audience to understand what they need, and use a data-driven strategy to interrogate, understand and fulfill those needs. And we will never write what we don’t know.

We are a hyper-vertical technology media company with experts whose knowledge extends an inch wide and a mile deep. Editors with 20-years or more of experience covering just one niche sector of IT in the enterprise. The question of bias never occurs – we have been around for a long time, will be around for longer yet. Independent audience engagement is our product, and our customers respect that.

At the heart of IDG since its inception, the mission of editors has never changed. Where once we made print magazines we now disseminate information via a dizzying array of media including online, video, social media, email, podcasts, events and – yes – magazines (of the digital variety). We have never touched more people, nor had deeper or more varied engagement with those users. We tailor our information for each platform and can measure the response from each engagement. This is empowering for those editors and writers who want to know that they are truly serving their audience. IDG editors.

We measure engagement and success in increasingly meaningful ways. A registered reader who returns to engage for a lengthy period with one piece of in-depth information is worth any number of pageviews. A consumer who uses our content to make a purchase with which they are satisfied is more valuable than myriad advertising impressions. The content consumed by the millions of readers of our websites and digital magazines tells us a lot about what is resonating with influencers in the consumer tech space. We personally know those who attend our events. And third-party data platforms let us understand wider trends in audience engagement across our sector and beyond.

We serve our readers by letting them set the agenda. Listening to our audience and only doing things they value is an important part of our approach. As is understanding that our competitive set is no longer an easily defined group of magazines, but everywhere that our users can find information: rivals and customers included.

We serve our customers by understanding how and where to engage with our audience. By understanding what matters to our readers, editors can help shape the message delivered through custom content, events and demand generation. Through in-depth knowledge of the customer buying cycle we can ensure that every commercial engagement is valuable to both customer and reader. By building truly defined and engaged audiences loyal to our brands and our editors, IDG is able to offer unique products to our partners.

But none of this would be worth a jot if we didn’t also have industry-leading subject matter experts.

Anyone with access to data can produce data-driven content. But only IDG has our editors, brands and audience. Values and practices built up over half a century that allow us to deliver on a unique value proposition: true, measurable engagement with high-value purchasers and influencers. Delivered by editors and brands that the audience trusts, with flair and style, within a world-class environment. Quality at scale, built for long-term value.

Those are the aspects of IDG that will never change.


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