Content Marketers on Why Agile Marketing Fuels their Daily Activities

We’ve all been in that position when we’re in a time crunch to find valuable content, and even though articles, webinars, white papers, etc. are everywhere, do they consistently provide you with the information you’re looking for? The quality of content is equally, if not more, important than the quantity of content, and marketers need to work towards an approach that elevates both. Andrea Fryrear from Content Marketing Institute recently published tips on how Agile marketing can fuel your content team.

Here are some highlights from her article:

  • Defining Agile marketing – In order to be “Agile”, the marketing team must have an adaptive and repetitive structure. Frequent characteristics of this type of team includes the ability to change based on data, follow a flexible plan and keep their focus on the audience.
  • Pursuading other to use Agile marketing – There are multiple ways to convince others, such as your teammates, on why to use Agile marketing. Andrea suggests to first try it solo so you can prove the productivity first hand, then you can create some pilot programs with some of your teammamtes, and lastly you can go full force ahead with your plan.
  • Will produce more or less content? – Due to their project focus, Agile marketers typically produce more content, but it’s not necessarially more content, it’s about better content. Agile marketing lets you create both.

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