Create Relevant Content for Lasting Relationships

How can you create content that resonates with existing customers and attracts new ones? According to Ardath Albee, CEO and Marketing Strategist for Marketing Interactions, the key is crafting and using personas.

CMSWire recently interviewed Albee to find out more about persona-driven content marketing. Some highlights:

  • A buyer persona can help marketers understand how a buyer’s context changes from stage to stage throughout the purchase process.
  • To keep the marketing technology stack under control, marketers need to have a purpose, assess what it will take to use the technology, and think about the impact on people resources.
  • Be customer-obsessed – instead of structuring marketing strategy around internal goals, focus on customer-first.
  • Buyer personas are key because you need to be able to understand your customer inside and out in order to create content that addresses their needs.

Read the full article here.

If you don’t know where to start in creating your own buyer personas, contact the IDG Strategic Marketing Services team to find out how we can help with persona research and content development.


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