Creating Awareness with Tech Decision-Makers

I have the privilege of speaking with tech marketers across the country about who their target customers are, their vision of that customers’ journey and how their organizations build and execute their marketing strategy. Awareness is often the foundational goal that marketing strategies are built from; then content, format, targeting, and distribution are all strategically layered on to achieve that goal.

The amount of content produced around tech topics – from cloud to digital transformation and beyond  is staggering. But since 96% of tech marketers share that content marketing plays a key role in their strategy, it should not be surprising.¹ While most marketers (67%)¹ find their content marketing approach moderately or minimally successful, their target readers may feel differently. The majority of tech decision-makers (79%) find it challenging to find enough high quality content to help them make purchase decisions.² One of their top concerns is a lack of independent and unbiased content.

IDG’s 50+ year history of delivering quality content and face-to-face engagements for tech decision-makers has built a level of trust that helps us understand their needs throughout the buyer journey better than anyone else. With the insight gained from our exclusive first-party data—from identifying 20,000 active IT projects every month plus IDG’s database of 44M IT and business decision-makers—we can help tech marketers better engage with customers by tailoring content that leverages these premium resources and deep relationships. We are excited to share our extended portfolio of tools that integrate content (our quality editorial and/or your content) with impactful awareness campaigns. To help meet your content and targeting needs, check out these new products:

Page One

Page One offers a media sponsorship for highly searched, top-indexed, and topic-relevant editorial articles from across IDG’s premium B2B technology brands. These curated articles receive among the highest SEO and organic traffic visits year-round, ultimately generating a sustained readership. Promoted through a custom native ad unit using 1st party data across IDG B2B sites and extended TechNetwork, advertisers gain instant thought leadership and contextual alignment with trending editorial content.

Sponsored Post @ Scale

Building off of IDG’s original Sponsored Posts, this program scales to allow for increased viewership and engagement. Align your message natively with our editorial articles across IDG owned and operated sites and beyond. Using IDG 1st party data – premium data from our events, lead generation and digital interactions – and contextual targeting, we will deliver exponential scale across extended TechNetwork.

This is an exciting time for both media and technology. IDG is committed to staying ahead of the curve to create products that help you engage your customers. Stay tuned for more new products to help elevate your awareness, demand generation, thought leadership and engagement strategies over the coming weeks. We look forward to collaborating with you and helping you and your team succeed. If you are ready to start a conversation, just complete this form.

¹2018 Technology Content Marketing Trends-North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs
²2017 IDG Customer Engagement Research


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