Customization Disconnect?

Customizing content to align with your target audiences’ information needs is one of the most effective ways to cut through the clutter and get people to engage with you. In fact, 92% of IT decision-makers (ITDMs) value tailored content (up from 83% in 2014).1 This highlights the complexity of tech marketing because it adds layers to your content development and it leaves open the question of how best to tailor your content. In a recent content marketing study2 marketers say that on average they are supporting three buyer personas with dedicated content marketing assets and tactics, and 79% of marketers say they are segmenting content.  But is that content being segmented in ways customers value most?

In that same study, 29% of marketers say that they segment content by vertical industry, behind buyer persona (33%) and product/service category (45%). Flipping that around, in the IDG Enterprise Customer Engagement Study, the number one way ITDMs would value content to be tailored is based on industry (56%), followed by based on the platforms already installed (48%) and based on responsibilities (42%).


Within the Customer Engagement findings, there are differences by title and industry including, while IT Executives, and IT Management respondents rank content tailored by industry as their number 1 choice, IT Pros value content based on the specific technology platforms already installed within their organization the most. This could speak to the more hands-on roles IT Pros play with installed technology. When looking at this data by industry, respondents within several industries value information tailored to their specific industry including: education (61%), financial services (62%) and healthcare (64%). Also, healthcare far surpasses the other industries with an interest in content based on the platform the organization is already using (60%), perhaps given how highly regulated the industry is and how difficult it would be to change platforms.

The bottom line is that customizing information to specific audience segments, based on industry, platforms and responsibilities will increase engagement. But the challenge–also discussed in the content marketing study–is finding the time and talent to create the variety of content needed. The number one content marketing challenge marketers cite is lack of time/bandwidth to create content (46%), followed by measuring content effectiveness (42%), producing truly engaging content (41%), and producing enough content/variety and volume (39%).

Read the full results of the 2016 B2B Content Marketing Report, to benchmark your efforts against your peers, and compare them to what your customers and prospects say are their preferences with the 2016 Customer Engagement Study.

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Sources: 1 IDG Enterprise Customer Engagement Study, 2016; 2 B2B Content Marketing Study, Tech Marketing Group/LI, 2016


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