Data Driven Insights to Power Customer Engagement

B2B media companies have a new role to play when it comes to delivering audiences to advertisers. Top of funnel awareness tactics still have merit, but increasingly media companies are offering a secret weapon to help their partners deepen engagement and get closer to their prospective customers—data.

Powerful data signals to drive deep customer engagement

By observing the signals generated by interactions on their web sites, media companies are collecting a wealth of data and information that has created a richer perspective on what is meaningful to the customer and thus will create a stronger long-term relationship with the customer.

The combination of data intelligence and marketing services can help create integrated campaigns to engage audiences and potential customers for tech marketers.

First-party data to move your customers through the funnel

IDG taps into our proprietary first-party data to help our customers move prospects through the funnel using content and marketing tactics.

One of the more interesting developments in data fueled campaigns is creating audience segments based on behavioral signals that are collected in a data management platform (DMP) or customer data platform (CDP). While lookalike modeling will deliver similar prospects, behavioral targeting utilizes actual actions from your audience. For example, if an audience member suddenly starts consuming lots of content on a specific topic, you can assume the spike in interest is spurred by buying intention. And, if you can determine that several people from the same organization are showing the same intensity around that content consumption, you now have valuable and actionable data for a client who sells into that category. Taking it one step further, if a media company can tag content as to where it belongs along the consumer journey (awareness, intent, purchase) they can deliver even a finer level of detail and insights to partners.  By matching it up to a target account strategy, you can further penetrate an account with an unparalleled level of insight.

Data to better understand the right content and messaging

Companies can also use data as marketing intelligence to help them understand what type of content and messaging they should be delivering to better engage prospects and which topics are “surging” for a specific target account.  For example, a technology vendor is anxious to target ABC Corp. to sell its latest cyber security solution.  By activating a media company’s first-party intent data and appending it with 3rd party data to extend the reach you have created a more efficienct solution.

Data of this type can be used in a wide variety of integrated marketing solutions such as a content based full-funnel marketing (awareness, nurture, conversion) campaign that targets individuals at ABC Corp with ads, original content and demand generation tactics.  Additionally, you can target prospects in many different venues (social, email, on site, off line) to deliver 360-degree coverage. Another tool is sequential messaging in the content and advertising which can further drive these prospects down the sales funnel with storytelling and specific customized messaging that should increase both engagement and conversion.

The era of mass marketing is over for B2B marketers. Finding the right media partners that have robust, quality first-party data paired with marketing services that have a broad understanding of the needs of your audience can deliver lasting engagement with your target customers. By regularly monitoring your audience’s intent data and behavioral signals you’ll have an opportunity to build a true relationship with your customers and maximize your ROI.


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