IDG’s rich and exclusive first-party data. It’s more detailed, more current and more extensive than anyone else’s.

Our premium first-party data—collected from digital content interactions, demand generation and events—forms a detailed picture of our users’ purchasing intent at a global scale.

Data is the global currency of marketers to deliver high-value sales and real ROI. The insights from data can identify purchasing intent, provide deep profiling and targeting and help personalize the buyer journey.

IDG’s intent-fueled data drives performance.

Marketers rely on IDG’s rich and exclusive first-party data to reach and influence audiences during the purchase process, and build and extend audiences specific to their requirements. IDG organizes our content, demand generation and ad serving so that we can segment audiences deeper than anyone else. We monitor behavior at an account-based level to identify in-market purchase intent and buying teams researching technology products and services across the globe.

From demand generation to media, we offer an end-to-end full funnel solution. IDG Connect offers demand generation in 147 countries via our database of 44 million IT and business decision-makers.

Our global telemarketing center, IDG Direct, offers customers the ability to undertake outbound call services without set-up costs, call charges and contract commitment and operates in 47 languages across all time zones.

Using our intent data, IDG TechNetwork identifies and targets the most users across all media and advertising units to drive performance for marketers. This innovative model spans our owned and operated sites, our network of premium publishing partners through IDG TechNetwork and the broader internet programmatically through IDG Tech Media Exchange.

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