Demand Generation

IDG’s rich and exclusive 1st party data. It’s more detailed, more current and more extensive than anyone else’s.

Our premium 1st party data—collected from digital content interactions, demand generation and events—forms a detailed picture of our users’ purchasing intent at a global scale.

Data is the global currency of marketers to deliver high-value sales and real ROI. The insights from data can identify purchasing intent, provide deep profiling and targeting and help personalize the buyer journey.

The unprecedented strength of our relationships with technology decision-makers through our editorial properties—combined with our 1st party data—lets us deliver your targeted message at the right time, paving the way for communication and engagement.

What We Do

Tech marketers rely on our rich and exclusive 1st party data to reach and influence audiences during the purchase process, and build and extend audiences specific to their requirements.

We use our declared data, unique tech taxonomy and audience intent to pinpoint high value prospects at every stage of the purchasing process across digital media, creating branded conversations and driving superior results for marketers.

  • Contact Center

    Delivering multilingual, native language contact center services ready to activate within 48 hours to meet your marketing and sales data needs.

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  • List Services

    Reach key IT decision-makers and buyers delivered from high-tech, B2B, and consumer markets.

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  • Account-Based Marketing

    ABM360™ is the only account-based marketing solution that leverages digital display, demand generation, and data solutions to help marketers identify purchasing intent.

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  • Programmatic

    Our programmatic services marry the efficiencies of automation with our exclusive level of control and premium audiences.

  • BANT

    If your leads need additional qualification before going to sales, use our telemarketing team to uncover purchase intent with our Budget, Authority, Need and Timing qualification.

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IDG Communications, Inc. Leads Policy
Pricing represents worldwide leads with no filters/criteria. A maximum of 10 competitors will be accepted to be filtered out of a campaign. IDG removes bogus and duplicate leads. All qualified leads will have what appears to be a correctly formatted valid email or phone number supplied by our users. Lead criteria is available for an additional investment.