Disruptive Tech Changing Network IT

The network has always been a transformative technology; connecting enterprises and individuals. In conjunction with technological advances, the network has helped to streamline processes and improve workflow. This evolution continues today with the adoption and integration of new and emerging technologies. Network World’s 2015 State of the Network Study highlights where network IT groups stand with these edge technologies as well as core tech vital to corporate computing.

Many feel that emerging tech will have a positive effect on their organization. In fact, the majority (51%) agree that emerging technologies have or will soon enable IT organizations to pool tech resources and increase utilization rates. A higher percentage believe, also, that they are well positioned to take advantage of it: 55% feel they are prepared for the changes that new technologies make possible.

In terms of new tech that network IT considers important for building into their infrastructure, software-defined networking stands at the top of the list. Half of enterprises are actively researching initiatives or have it on their radar most likely due to the benefits it can deliver the network such as speed, flexibility, and customization.

Wi-Fi and mobility are key to network IT in their productivity-related initiatives. Matching network capacity and coverage with increasing demand for bandwidth and Wi-Fi availability is a challenge for the majority (52%) of Enterprises. These concerns are reflected in companies’ pursuit of mobility-related productivity initiatives. For example, they express strong interest in expanding the corporate Wi-Fi network (76%) and enterprise mobility initiatives generally (75%). The area where companies are most actively researching is around 802.11ac (Gigabit Wi-Fi).

When asked about top initiatives generally, organizations are anticipating more focus on cloud technologies as well as technologies to protect and address risk such as security services and equipment. Similarly, the importance of security and cloud initiatives is reflected in IT budget allocation. Another area driving spending is around the Internet of Things (IoT) with 64% saying IoT-related spending will likely rise or is a possibility for their organization.

However, delivering the next generation infrastructure involves more than just foresight into technology investments. Network IT is also changing how it operates in order to become more collaborative and able to tackle diverse demands, and indications show that IT departments are evolving successfully. Eighty percent agree that in the future, network personnel will need to take on tasks that are new to the traditional role, and 60% agree that control of the network is shifting toward collaborative teams. While such trends represent potentially disruptive changes to IT operations, most respondents think their teams are adapting well. Eighty percent say collaboration efforts between the network team and other teams are mostly successful.

Network IT’s responsibility reaches far and wide across the enterprise, and with the current state of disruption their role will continue to evolve to tackle the diverse demands of next gen tech. Is your organization targeting this group?

Source: 2015 State of the Network Study, Network World


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