Dreamforce ‘16 Recap: 5 Things Marketers Learned

Lifecycle marketing improves customer experience, drives growth and creates loyalty.
Today’s marketers have experienced an unprecedented shift in their responsibilities, goals and KPIs. Josh London, CMO at IDG, may have said it best: we used to live in the age of “chief megaphone officer” but now we are “in charge of growth more than ever before.”

So what does that mean?

Today’s CMO is responsible for leveraging technology to build an unbelievable customer experience across all areas of the business – not just sales, marketing and customer service. We are no longer measured on overall lead generation, but also many other KPIs that require us to have rich data insights throughout the entire customer journey. That includes KPIs such as closed-loop multi-touch attribution, which prove just how much value marketers contribute to the business.

London encouraged marketers to carve out time for innovation. We can no longer do what’s familiar if we want to grow while preparing for new competition.

“Those are the organizations doing fascinating work,” London said. “Organizations making massive leaps are incredible storytellers. The bigger the organization, the bigger the politics, but we have to create that type of environment or the disruptors are going to disrupt us.”

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