Driving More Personalized and Targeted Marketing Strategies

Since launching Pipeline Activator from IDG two weeks ago, the data made available to subscribers through the service has evolved. This is because data isn’t static; it’s representative of a moment in time.  IDG understands how data evolves, and our ongoing research programs make our first-party data the industry’s most recent and relevant. 

As the world’s largest media, data and marketing services company dedicated to helping our global audience make the smartest technology purchasing decisions, IDG also understands the tools and services enterprises need to accomplish their goals. This includes driving sales growth in a time when needs are constantly changing. Pipeline Activator from IDG offers a number of distinct advantages. While some companies offer a similar solution, their reach is limited to the U.S. IDG has created a truly global solution, one that gives users access to a wealth of intent data. 

At IDG we capture specific data about audience behavior from our premium brands in 147 countries, including CIO, CSO, Network World, InfoWorld, ITworld and Computerworld. Our worldwide audience engages with and deeply trusts our media properties which are critical components of their research throughout the buying journey. At more than 700 IDG events annually, they have a chance to learn and network with influential technology decision makers. These sources form the foundation of the data that only IDG can offer: including a picture of the content consumed, active projects, and what vendors they are considering.

IDG understands the importance for tech marketers to execute more personalized and targeted marketing strategies. Pipeline Activator helps deliver successful account-based marketing leveraging our exclusive taxonomy that organizes and analyzes content behavior and project intelligence globally. When combined with editorial audience engagement data, Pipeline Activator from IDG provides unrivaled account intelligence and a truly global solution. 


Written by Brian Glynn

Brian Glynn is the Chief Revenue Officer for IDG Enterprise, an IDG company that develops strategic media properties and peer advisory services for IT executives.

Connect with Brian on LinkedIn.


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