Driving Productivity and Increasing Effectiveness of Your Sales Efforts

Last week, IDG announced the launch of Pipeline Activator™, a predictive intelligence engine that helps accelerate global sales opportunities from our customers’ most valuable clients. I am excited that we have expanded IDG’s account-based marketing solution to the even greater benefit of our clients.

IDG designed Pipeline Activator for technology sales and marketing professionals who want to drive productivity and increase the effectiveness of their sales efforts. More specifically, IDG designed Pipeline Activator for technology marketers and inside salespeople who are focused on demand generation and interested in leveraging predictive intelligence to illuminate high levels of intent from their target account lists.

Even the best sales and marketing software services only synthesize past actions—telling you where the greatest activity occurred, a measure that is not always the best indicator of future performance. Through IDG’s owned and operated websites, events, and buyer interviews from our contact center, we capture billions of intent signals from users in 147 countries. This data indicates purchase interest and provides IDG with deep intelligence about our audience members at every stage of their purchase journeys—identifying with great accuracy the likelihood of future action.

Pipeline Activator is a quarterly subscription-based solution available in the U.S., Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. By ingesting data globally, it can be utilized to identify regional and national projects. Subscribers are given dashboards that provide a view of account-level IT project activity and buying intent for their targets  – comprising firmographic data, such as budgets and IT priorities, what brands the account is researching, content that they have been reading and more.

For tech marketers and sales teams, Pipeline Activator provides an intelligent, extremely current, data-supported guide to best tackle target account lists. For your most valuable accounts as well as when you are casting a wider net, it offers a simple way to identify the very best prospects within a specified technology category.

Find out more about Pipeline Activator by contacting your sales executive or filling out our contact us form.



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