MarketingFit Guide Series

Through 3 actionable, tactical and digestible guides, this MarketingFit Guide Series can help tech marketers elevate and enhance their marketing strategy. As […]

Engage B2B Tech Buyers with a High-Impact Video Marketing Strategy

Attention tech marketers – it’s showtime! Today’s marketing teams understand the value that great video content can bring to their marketing initiatives. […]

MarketingFit Guide to B2B Video Marketing That Works

Video is an important tool that can leave a lasting impression and boost engagement with key tech and security decision-makers. While incorporating […]

Content Mapping Strategy: Leveraging Assets to Reach Tech Buyers

Many technology marketers have more content than they’re aware of. What they lack is a consistent and disciplined way to categorize and […]

Crafting Personas to Engage the Empowered Tech Decision-Maker

Buyer personas are a staple of B2B content marketing, but the details of creating and applying them can spark panic in some […]

Customer-Centric Marketing: A Guide to Engaging IT Decision-Makers in the Digital-First Age

In an age of empowered buyers, customer-centric marketing is more important than ever. For tech marketers, understanding consumer priorities is critical to […]

Using First-Party Data to Target Your Prospects

If you are among the 63% of B2B marketers who are using personas¹, you understand the importance of targeting your campaigns. But […]

Video – One Essential Tool in Your Content Marketing Toolbox

We live in a video-centric world. According to popular stats, consumers and buyers spend 1/3 of their online time watching videos. It’s […]

Josh London Discusses IDG’s Global Brand Strategy with Marketing Today Podcast

  Josh London, Chief Marketing Officer of IDG and Alan Hart, host of the Marketing Today podcast sat down to discuss IDG’s global brand […]

2017 B2B Video Marketing Trends

It’s predicted that videos will be responsible for 74% of all Internet traffic by 2017¹. Tech marketers are not just sitting by […]

Virtual Reality and Business: Is Their Future as Bright as it Seems?

Businesses are leaning in to look at virtual reality to redefine customer experiences, shrink their operational costs, and spur growth. The New York Times, GoPro, and Wayfair furniture are among 38 companies who revealed business plans in 2016 to include virtual reality, says Fortune. This represents a mammoth 375% jump from the 8 companies who said they intended to use VR in 2015.;

VR Growth Projections: Are They Realistic?


Industry experts project augmented/virtual reality revenue will hit $108 billion by 2021, revised down from a forecast of $120 billion a year earlier. But, it might be too soon to tell if these are realistic or otherworldly growth projections.


CMO Content Marketing Insights [Video]

  Content marketing continues to be a top priority for tech marketers. 95% of B2B tech marketers indicate they use content marketing, however […]