Full Spectrum Demand Generation

Are your demand generation goals and challenges the same as your B2B tech marketing peers? According to B2B Lead Generation Trends Report from the Technology Marketing Group on LinkedIn, only 13% say their lead gen strategies are “very successful” in achieving their objectives.

Understanding the buyers’ journey is essential for moving customers and prospects through the sales funnel – but it is not easy. According to a Marketing Sherpa study, 51% of CMOs say their top strategic lead gen priority is optimizing the marketing-sales funnel. By understanding and utilizing the different types of lead gen programs available, and driving demand at each state of the buyer’s journey you can optimize your funnel and achieve results. Whether you are looking to generate a large quantity of leads, need fully qualified leads actively engaged in the purchase process, or something in between, there are programs that will allow you to meet your goals.

Take a spin through this video to benchmark your goals and strategies with those of your peers, and explore opportunities to help leads to move through your sales funnel.

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