GDPR: An Update on IDG’s Progress

GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation for the European Union. Effective May 25, 2018, it will apply new legal rights for individuals in Europe as it relates to their personal data and how it is managed.

In this blog post, Josh London, Chief Marketing Officer of IDG Communications speaks about how IDG Communications is embracing GDPR and provides an update on the steps we are taking to get ready for May 25.

Q: There’s been a lot of discussion in the industry about GDPR. Why is it important for IDG Communications?

A:  IDG Communications is committed to protecting the rights and freedoms of our users’ personal data. Our users’ data is critically important, and we take it very seriously.

We embrace and support the GDPR initiative because it is in the best interests of our customers and of the industry as a whole.

IDG has always done more than is required when protecting user data. Protecting the rights and freedoms of our users is our North star. We have always held the interests of our customers as an absolute priority so that we can provide quality content and services that are relevant to their tech purchasing journeys.

Q: How is IDG Communications preparing?

A: We’ve been very busy. GDPR compliance, including data security, is our number one priority. We will be fully GDPR compliant by May 25, 2018.

One of the first steps we took in 2017 was the appointment of a dedicated Global Data Protection Officer (DPO). Our DPO is part of our central privacy team, which also includes an EU privacy expert, among others. This team has been leading the charge across the globe, bringing in experts from multiple disciplines to make sure we are ready.

Conducting a Data Audit of the personal data of EU residents that IDG holds – including registered users of any of our web properties as well as individuals who sign up to receive sponsored content such as White Papers – and the places and the systems that hold it. This includes IDG internal systems and in vendor-provided technology, including cloud services.

Analyzing and Documenting how IDG and its vendors handle the personal data of EU residents, including the conditions under which IDG has the right to process this data, IDG’s methods for collecting and storing such information, and how and under what circumstances it may share such information with its customers or other third parties.

Reviewing IDG’s and its vendors’ Data Security, to ensure that the personal data of EU residents is protected in accordance with the GDPR’s enhanced privacy and data security requirements.

Q: How does GDPR help IDG Communications’ customers?

A: We take this very seriously. It’s not enough to be GDPR compliant, your suppliers and partners must be as well. For example, in our demand generation business, when a client receives a lead from IDG Communications, they can count on the fact that proper consent has been obtained for the transfer of data, including permission to market their product and services to this lead, and that anyone in the supply chain involved in data flow has agreed to our data processing agreement.

Q: Have any of your systems changed?

A: Yes. One of the important parts of GDPR is to ensure that we manage users’ data appropriately across our many sites and business. To do so, we have created a centralized registration system that allows full control and management of our users’ personal data.

Q: Have you had to make any policy changes as a result of GDPR?

A: We have updated many of our policies, including our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to make sure that they meet or exceed GDPR requirements.

Q: Will you be communicating these changes with users?

A: Yes, they will receive notifications about IDG Communications’ new privacy policy and compliance processes.

Q: What else has IDG Communications doing to protect its users?  

A: Part of protecting the data of IDG Communications users also means making sure that the entire supply chain in GDPR compliant, so we’ve been working with all of our partners to ensure that they meet our high standards.


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