How are tech dollars being spent in 2016?

Everywhere you turn business leaders are talking about creating a digital business, so it is no surprise that technology continues to be seen as an area to enhance business strategy. According to the CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2016, the tech dollars to make this happen are there. Over the course of this year, half of organizations will see their technology budgets increase as they work towards enabling business process innovation and managing IT infrastructure more efficiently. As we dig deeper into investment priorities to meet these goals, the technologies with the largest increase in spending across organizations are:

  • BI & Analytics (50%)
  • Security Applications (49%)
  • Predictive Analytics (47%)
  • SaaS/Cloud Apps (46%)
  • Mobile Enterprise Apps (46%)

In addition to areas of spending, tech leaders also shared the top areas that they are investigating. Internet of Things (43%), Windows 10 deployment (38%), predictive analytics (37%), BI & analytics (cloud-based – 37%), and software-defined networking (SDN) (34%) are the top areas being actively researched. As you move further along in the technology life cycle, data management (26%) and business continuity and disaster recovery (23%) are the leading areas being upgraded or refined.

As a tech marketer, understanding where customers are in the implementation stage can help shape your conversations. Get more key insights into tech priorities and plans for 2016 in the CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2016.


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