IDG CMO Perspectives: Gil Levonai, CMO, Zerto

Gil Levonai did not follow the typical marketer’s path to his current role as CMO of Zerto. Gil has a degree in aeronautical engineering and spent his early career as a software project manager before pivoting to the marketing function. In a conversation with Rob O’Regan, global content director with IDG Communications, Gil discusses his journey, the modern marketer’s skill set, and Zerto’s approach to engaging target customers around the emerging concept of IT resilience.

Highlights from the Conversation:

  • The path to the CMO role: Gil literally is a rocket scientist (0:33)
  • Building a resilient marketing team: You need people who are capable of changing as they go (1:40)
  • A focus on account-based marketing: The tools and structure in place to engage with target accounts (2:09)
  • The benefits of face-to-face events: Peer interactions are critical among CIOs, as their role becomes increasingly complex (3:50)
  • Have a purpose with your content: Don’t create content just for the sake of creating it (5:08)
  • Other advice for marketers: Don’t lose the creative aspect of your job, and never forget that you’re marketing to a human, not a business (5:25)

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