IDG CMO Perspectives: Holly Rollo, CMO, RSA Security

Holly Rollo, CMO of RSA Security, shares how security is everyone’s responsibility, especially marketers, in the latest IDG CMO Perspectives video. During this conversation with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, she also shares insight into the impact data breaches have on a brand’s reputation and tips for a successful GDPR strategy.


Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Holly shares how marketing teams need to be resilient and constantly learning in this time of marketing transformation. (1:01)
  • Marketing’s opportunity to bring attention to security and shape how organizations think about risk. (1:31)
  • Insight into the reputational impact a data breach has on an organization. (2:14)
  • The top three things marketers need to know about GDPR. (3:23)
  • Advice for young marketers: be curious. (4:27)

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