IDG CMO Perspectives: Lynn Lucas, CMO, Cohesity

Lynn Lucas, CMO of Cohesity, shares how customer centricity is vital for high growth businesses in this edition of IDG CMO Perspectives. During this conversation with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, she also shares insight into how partnerships help provide business solutions and how events allow for human to human marketing.


Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Lynn shares that their marketing strategy is all about the customer, from using listening tools to serve their needs, to having the Cohesity messaging told by them. (0:52)
  • Insight into how predictive technology and account-based marketing (ABM) helps the sales team be more effective by focusing on the “right” customers. (2:26)
  • Cohesity has built a strong partnership network that allows tech buyers to find business solutions, not just a product. To demonstrate how the partner ecosystem can solve problems the network collaborates on content marketing. (3:02)
  • Human to human marketing, particularly events, allows customers to see who is behind the brand. (3:37)
  • Three tips for young tech marketers, including “learn the technology.” (4:24)

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