IDG CMO Perspectives: Mona Charif, CMO, NTT DATA Services

NTT DATA Services CMO Mona Charif sits down with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, to discuss how the role of the CMO—and marketing overall—has transformed and how the use of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), personalization and other martech tools help align clients’ needs and values to the NTT DATA Services portfolio.


Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Mona shares the tools, processes and vantage point that are playing a leading role in the transformation of marketing and are improving the customer experience. (0:25)
  • How NTT DATA Services is enhancing ABM initiatives by using employees and customers to personalize stories. (2:09)
  • Recommended reading for marketers that explores how those who are self-motivated and focus on life long learning will succeed. (3:15)

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