IDG CMO Perspectives: Ryan Carlson, CMO, Okta

Ryan Carlson, CMO of Okta, describes how his team builds relationships with CIOs in this edition of IDG’s CMO Perspectives. During this conversation with Josh London, CMO of IDG Communications, Ryan also shares how he looks for diverse skills when building a marketing team and the role AI is taking in the martech stack.


Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Ryan dives into the evolution of user identity and how cloud computing has changed the way users have to remember multiple user names and passwords. (0:38)
  • Okta’s user experience does not just keep CIOs as customers, it has resulted in word of mouth recommendations to CIO peers. (1:32)
  • When hiring marketers, Ryan looks for diverse experience because past approaches may not work in the future. (2:13)
  • AI can bring additional clarity to the martech stack and is helping to define paths and content for Okta’s lead nurturing. (3:00)
  • Insights on how marketers should tell their best story when preparing for an IPO. Hint: it starts with understanding your financials. (4:00)
  • Advice for young marketers: don’t wait to be told what to do, act on your ideas and share the results. (4:44)

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