IDG CMO Perspectives: Sally Jenkins, EVP & CMO, Informatica

As Informatica completes their recent brand relaunch, EVP & CMO, Sally Jenkins, sits down with IDG Communications’ CMO, Josh London, to discuss Informatica’s evolving go-to-market strategy, how her team is using predictive analytics to decipher customers’ digital body language, and how data is defining the role of marketing and the CMO in the C-suite.

Highlights from the Conversation:

  • Informatica’s company transformation and recent brand re-launch. (0:30)
  • How Informatica’s go-to-market strategy has evolved in recent years. (1:34)
  • How Sally and her team decipher the digital body language of customers with the help of predictive analytics. (2:10)
  • The role events and account-based marketing (ABM) plays in Informatica’s engagement strategy. (2:59)
  • How data is defining the role of marketing, and the role of CMO. (3:49)
  • Marketing’s impact at center of the c-suite (4:52)


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