IDG Direct

  • Who We Are

    IDG Direct is a leading provider of outbound customer experience services from our international call center with a focus on multilingual, native language capabilities and personalized branded conversations. Backed by our unrivaled industry reputation, IDG Direct provides data cleaning, nurturing and building services along with customer survey engagements with the flexibility to meet your business needs.

What We Do

With a flexible and convenient start-up structure, IDG Direct provides an easy environment to test and learn, strengthen brand awareness, and increase sales performance. Working with IDG gives you a competitive advantage when needing to quickly execute your data needs.

  • Flexible model allowing for short-term engagements

  • No lengthy agent on-boarding processes

  • No minimum agent commitment

  • Easy transparent pricing model

  • GDPR compliant

Clean. Nurture. Build.

IDG Direct will partner with you to clean and build your database. We deliver nurture programs that educate and interact with your prospects and current customers to strengthen brand awareness.

  • Clean

    Do you have questions about the quality of your data? Is your data located in different locations throughout your organization? Do you struggle to validate contacts that register on your website? Does your sales team continually question lead quality? Do you lack language capabilities or resources to keep your data up to date?

    IDG Direct has extensive experience working with customers to offer full data cleaning and consultation services to keep your data engine running.


  • Nurture

    Are your contacts sitting idle without regular engagement? Does your marketing team lack the multilingual capabilities to provide relevant nurture programs? Do you lack resources to manage large volumes of leads? Do you need additional help to nurture and engage with event attendees before and after the program?

    IDG Direct understands the complex buying process and the importance of consistent engagement and contextually relevant content that will create insights to help grow your business.

  • Build

    Are you trying to grow your database but lack the resources and confidence to get started? Do you need to build a program targeting an emerging market or target audience? Are you looking at expanding into new geographies but lack the language capabilities and in-market expertise? Is it time for you to develop a target account list for your sales team?

    IDG Direct has unmatched multilingual capabilities that deliver data services at any budget level to match your marketing needs and grow as your business expands.

  • Customer Satisfaction Engagement

    How satisfied are your customers? Do you need help identifying what information your customers want? Do you have customer segments in regions where there may be a language barrier? How often do your customers want to hear from you? Do you know what your customers think about your brand?

    IDG Direct’s native language agents will partner with you to uncover key research insights about your customers and deliver robust reporting to enhance your customer engagement strategies.

Careers at IDG Direct

We recognize that our continued success depends on the creativity and drive of our employees. That’s why we are dedicated to making a career at IDG an exciting and rewarding experience for everyone who joins our team.
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