Innovation at its Finest: The Developer Way

As technology continues to evolve, every company is a software company. And who is the brainpower behind this transition? The enterprise developer. A recent InfoWorld Enterprise Developer TechPersona study highlights the business and technical skills that developers possess to be the collaborative and innovative individuals they are, leading them to be rising influencers in the enterprise.

There are many layers to the developer role. Their traditional role of creating and maintaining software is now combined with being a resource and providing insights to the leadership team. They must be capable of talking to colleagues at all levels of the organization – meeting with line of business leaders to gather development requirements and then be able to communicate with senior management on enterprise deployment. They are responsible for resolving the evolving software needs of teams throughout their organization while also facing “next level challenges,” which means they must be fluent in multiple areas of software as well as stay aware of organizational changes. This is rarely a slow moving process. The majority of developers say software development within their organization is fast paced.


Not only are the developers of today learning the ropes of software and applications, they are involved in strategic and collaborative activities. This new breed of developer also shows a distinct generation gap. Younger developers (those under the age of 35) are more likely to mentor junior staff, make the business case to senior management for new tools and solutions, and meet with line of business executives to recommend solutions than their older counterparts (those over the age of 45). Due to the developer determination and motivation to succeed, it is no surprise that they’re gaining influence in the purchase process and creating measurably larger influence with their business leaders.

Despite their work ethic, developers still come across challenges such as doing more with less staff, keeping up with new technology advancements/changing skill requirements and uncontrolled growth in project requirements. Due to their fast paced world, developers are characterized as moving targets; however developer’s strategic thinking, collaboration and decision-making qualities set them up for success when finding solutions to challenges. Whether it’s a strategic or technical challenge, they seek advice from their peers, search online, check blogs and post in online communities for advice; showing their confidence in others in their field.

All this combined, developers are pretty cool individuals. They know how to work on their own, and love it, and have risen as key influencers in the enterprise due to their diligence and innovative mindset. Developers have the ability to create a business advantage and are vital to enterprise growth. What’s next for this rising group?

Source: InfoWorld Enterprise Developer TechPersona Study, IDG Enterprise, 2015


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