Insights from Inbound: Being Remarkable & Memorable

Getting out of the office to refresh your thinking is one of those activities that we all know we should do more of, but is easier said than done. Having recently attended the Inbound Conference in Boston, the rewards were reinforced by the new ways of thinking, ideas to apply when back in the office and even new words and phrases learned. One new word – edgecrafting – really caught my ear.

While new for me, it was intuitive to understand. When I got back in the office and googled it, I found out that it is a Seth Godin term that has been around several years – it just hadn’t hit my ears yet. The meaning is to find the edges of the product design and positioning you can lay claim to, it creates a framework to make your solution memorable/remarkable. This is a great reminder that despite the most powerful benefits your solutions provide, unless it is positioned as memorable and remarkable, it will not create the awareness and recognition you need.

Eric Keiles’, the CMO of Square 2 Marketing, Inbound presentation illustrated this point with an example of a company that created the “5Ds” to frame up how they serve their customer. Upon contact, the sales person would share that their solution delivery follows the 5Ds, and then outline the steps they take to ensure customer satisfaction with their solution:

  • Discovery call – we will have a call to discuss the situation
  • Diagnostic – we will diagnose what the problem is and communicate that back to you
  • Design – we will design a solutions that meets your needs
  • Delivery – we will deliver the solution on time, when we said, and to your satisfaction
  • Delight – we will delight you so much you will refer us to friends and family

Who doesn’t want to have their expectations–including the fact that it will end with delight–so clearly articulated? And while this example is simple, and at its core is just outlining a standard process, it is all about creating a package of delivery that makes it easily digestible, memorable–and shareable.

In addition to a memorable framework, everywhere you turn these days there are discussions on the importance of ‘storytelling’ to make your brand or solution memorable and remarkable. Amina Moreau, co-founder of Stillmotion, Inc. and Muse Storytelling, shared in her powerful Inbound session, tips on how to create an emotional connection and move people to action. While her examples may focus on how storytelling can make a difference in people’s lives, there are many lessons that can be adapted to communicating your brand story.  Her action items were:

  • Find a unique angle–similar to the earlier 5Ds example, humans are hardwired to respond or remember something that provides novelty.
  • Choose one character–research shows that people make stronger connections on a one-to-one level in storytelling where the character is identifiable and relatable. Groups can create more of an abstract connection and as such, do not create as strong a drive to action.
  • Highlight their desire–the character must have a passion to accomplish/achieve something and this desire needs to be grounded in a strong “why”– what is motivating them.
  • Explore conflicts that stand in the way–but choose conflicts that are relatable to your target audience. Advertising quite often, and understandably, avoids conflict, but conflicts can be introduced as the challenge you can then provide the solution for.
  • Take your audience on the journey–storytelling requires you to make a connection with your audience and to do that it needs to be an intentional process.

This post started with edgecrafting as a new term. For the fun of it, here are two more terms that were new to me that you may want to add to your arsenal:

Blog Pagination, which is exactly what it sounds like – pagination within a blog. This was discussed in the context of optimizing your site for search engines. Come to find out “Previous/Next,” as a way to move people through blog posts, does not work for Google. Every time a reader needs to click “next” it is taking them one step further away from your home page which Google gives more weight to. New term, new strategy–we now know to set blogs up with numbers rather than “Next.”

And lastly, a common word, but given new meaning… marketers should be looking for “sneezers” – people who will spread the word about your company – it’s the germ laden equivalent of referral marketing programs. The challenge here is to give these “sneezers” a remarkable story or they will have nothing to share. (And if this new meaning didn’t just create a mental visual that you now have to get out of your brain, my hat is off to you!)

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