IDG CMO Perspectives: Tim Minahan, CMO and SVP, Citrix (Part 1)

Tim Minahan, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Citrix, discusses how Citrix is blending the art and science of marketing by combining the buyer’s journey with a deep understanding of their audience, his history with the cloud and how the cloud world is contributing to the evolving role of the CMO.

“The role of marketing in general has massively changed where the Chief Marketing Officer is quickly becoming the CEO – the Chief Engagement Officer – and it’s most exacerbated in the area of cloud.”

Other interview highlights include: 
  • The five minds that matter within the IT environment and what data Citrix collects for a deeper understanding of these important profiles. (0:44)
  • Tim’s career experience with the cloud: From working for one of the first enterprise application providers of scale to successfully transition to the cloud, to helping with the SAP cloud transition and why he is at Citrix. (1:11)
  • Citrix’s objectives for the cloud and adopting cloud for the right reasons. (1:46)
  • Citrix is helping customers navigate the cloud by balancing experience for the end user with security and compliance for the company. (2:33)

IDG CMO Perspectives provides insight into the state of marketing across industries from leading business executives.

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