Navigating the New Data Transfer Landscape

New Report Shares IT Professionals MFT Deployment Model Preferences

Matt Goulet, Chief Operating Officer at Globalscape

The data transfer landscape has evolved a great deal over the years. Today, companies have far more data to work with, rely on, and protect, which has affected how we store and move that data.

As IT leaders, we’re not just thinking about security, we also have to think about how the security of our data affects our business partners and ultimately our own organizational productivity.

More than 85 percent of organizations find significant value in a MFT solution, and are reliant on their ability to securely handle sensitive data.

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A managed file transfer (MFT) solution streamlines the entire data transfer process. On-premises, cloud-based, and hybrid MFT deployments make it possible for any business to address modern day data security challenges, meet growing compliance standards, and increase productivity. IT leaders play an extremely pivotal role in addressing those challenges – which is what lead us to our latest research project.

Today we shared our new report, Navigating the New Data Transfer Landscape, which we commissioned with IDG Research Group to understand the priorities of IT leaders when deploying MFT solutions. The survey findings revealed that much of what we have heard through our daily conversations with our customers is similar to the sentiment shared by IT leaders across the U.S. At the end of the day, they are empowered by options and the ability to have all of their MFT needs handled in a way that is specific to their business needs and challenges…Read More





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