IT Security Insights Round-Up

Was one of your resolutions for 2017 to make your enterprise’s IT security impenetrable? Welcome to the IDG IT security round-up for the first six weeks of 2017. There are a lot of villains out there, including ransomworm and ransomware-as-a-service, but fear not – we’ve got all the new information you need to stay abreast of the nastiness. We’ll also give you our top 15 IT security predictions for 2017 and help you put together your IT security dream team.

Wondering how much a data breach is going to cost you? How does $4 million sound? Is antivirus getting worse? It seems average detection rates might be dropping by 10 percentage points per year. As for passwords, don’t worry if you’re attached to yours – the creation of a “new generation of authentication technology” largely based on biometrics is in the works, but it probably won’t be available this year.

IDG’s top 15 security predictions for 2017, including “increasing cloudiness,” may help weather the storm. There are lots of things going bump in the cybersecurity night, but one of the most terrifying we’ve bumped into is ransomworm, which accelerates the spread of ransomware. We also researched the rise of ransomware-as-a-service, with criminals purchasing third-party versions of ransomware and putting their own “labels” on them.

Wondering what might get you fired? We examined a recent survey, and of the nine top reasons IT security professionals are dismissed, “failing to meet regulatory compliance and incurring a large fine” is the most unforgivable offense. And what about white hat hackers? IT security professionals hire these cowboys to perform penetration tests of your security systems. You might want one for your IT security dream team, along with a musician, a statistician and a third-party security ninja.

As the #1 tech media company in the world and the leading voice on IT security, IDG is committed to providing IT security professionals with the most up-to-date information about IT security, whether it’s the newest threats or the industry’s most important new trends. We’ll help you ride tall in the saddle.


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