Josh London Discusses IDG’s Global Brand Strategy with Marketing Today Podcast


Josh London, Chief Marketing Officer of IDG and Alan Hart, host of the Marketing Today podcast sat down to discuss IDG’s global brand transformation and how a singular go-to-market strategy has benefited customer experience.

Josh also provides examples of how a unified IDG brand has influenced the success of recent global launches including Pipeline Activator from IDG and IDG Security Day

Other highlights from the interview include: 
  • IDG — From house of brands to a united brand offering: Presenting clarity to the marketplace. (3:04)
  • Creating a holding company with a brand approach. (5:57)
  • Marketing revealing – versus creating – the IDG culture (6:19)

  • How IDG’s go to market has evolved – “to be #1, you need to act as one” (11:10)
  • Tangible benefits of a unified global brand (12:13)
  • Developing a narrative where everyone is “singing from the same song sheet.” (8:59)
  • How IDG launched a product in 147 countries overnight (13:47)

  • The future of marketing: “It all comes back to data.” (22:44)

Listen to the full interview, below. 





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