Making Your Email Signature and Out of Office Message Work Harder

Marketers have a pretty strong track record for finding ways to promote products and services to captive audiences…adding TVs to elevators and taxis for commercials, branding on airplane tray tables, and yes, even signs on the back of bathroom stall doors. However, sometimes people overlook the opportunity to share subtle (and not so subtle) messaging in every day communications, like email signatures and out of office emails. Better yet, take these tips and work with your sales team to integrate them into their email best practices. Help them be seen as a resource and your message is shared, win win.

Email Signature
Email play a role in many marketing campaigns, and we know that successful emails have a strong call-to-action. Let’s take that concept and integrate it into email signatures for day-to-day communications. If you have not already included your company website in your signature, add it in, and you can take it a step further by promoting an event, award, or white paper with a quick graphic. For more ideas, check out Hubspot’s blog, “12 Clever Ways to Use Your Email Signature to Support Your Marketing Campaigns.”

Out of Office Emails
In most cases, someone reached out to you for a specific reason (or it was a marketing promotion ☺). Beyond just sharing when you will be back, why not provide links to a few pieces of content or resources that would be beneficial to the type of people emailing you? A standard out of office could be crafted for the sales team and post-sale support team to share new resources with existing customers and prospects. Here is a collection of interesting out of office emails, some may be more relevant to your business than others.

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