Marketing Career Path – Is Your Next Role Chief Marketing Technologist?

Digital Transformation…Marketing Automation…Data & Analytics…Artificial Intelligence…To not only succeed, but thrive, organizations are taking a digital centric approach, and marketers are in the thick of it. Fortunately, marketers have a partner in the CIO when making tech decisions. In fact, 93% of CIOs said they are involved in MarTech purchases¹. But as technology continues to drive many aspects of business, marketing may find efficiencies by having its own Chief Marketing Technologist. Will this be YOUR next role?

At the 2016 Inbound conference, Sheldon Monteiro, SVP and CTO at SapientNitro, shared how his company is investing in and training marketing technologists as traditional educational programs have not caught up to business needs. As he, and two colleagues, researched the areas of focus for this internal training they investigated the skill sets of those currently holding the position. They learned that most marketing technologists fit into one of six archetypes. Three archetypes have a technology focus and the other three a marketing focus.

Marketing Mavens
The majority of marketing technologists’ skills sets align most closely with this archetype, with expertise in marketing strategy, positioning and promotions.

Data Divas
Marketing operations, customer relationship management and data science, these individuals understand data and how to use it for success.

Content Curators
These content marketing experts understand storytelling and the technologies behind content management platforms to best express the company’s message.

Infrastructure Architects
A technology focus with business and marketing insights bring a high-level of overall tech and business expertise to this role.

Experience Engineers
Bringing concepts to life for the customer through technology, with an expertise in mobility and front-end technology, they ensure the customer’s digital experience is top notch.

Media and Marketing Analyzers
With analyzer in the name it is no surprise these marketing technologists have a focus on research, consumer insights and strategic planning.

During this exploration, Monteiro learned that the majority of Chief Marketing Technologists had more core marketing strengths and were teaching themselves some MarTech skills, which reinforces why his organization built a formal training program. For individuals looking to move into this role, the 2016 “Defend, Disrupt, and Transform: The Critical Role of the Marketing Technologist in the Digital Era” white paper, outlines the top technology skills for marketing, including CRM systems/platforms, data science/analytics and website design (including responsive and adaptive design).

In the closing of his session, Monteiro said, we are moving from a mobile first world to an artificial intelligence first world, if marketers don’t think about how to use artificial intelligence they will be left behind. As you browse websites on your phone, you will see most organizations have embraced mobile, so we are on to our next challenge.

Based on your current skill sets and strengths, what areas do you need to hone to move into this role? Are there training programs at your organization, or do you need to look externally?

As you consider the Chief Marketing Technologist role, take a moment to learn more about your technology partner, the CIO, and how they are collaborating with marketing in the 2017 State of the CIO survey results.


¹State of the CIO, January 2017