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As a marketer, you know how critical it is to understand your target and stay up to date with industry trends, best practices and relevant research. Sometimes, the best way to find value involves getting out of the office and into a room with your peers. These events are created specifically for tech marketers to provide meaningful insights into industry trends and the tech-buying journey and encourage the exchange of peer networking knowledge.

IDG’s MarketingFit Content Marketing Webcast Series was created specifically to help guide tech marketers through crafting a successful content marketing strategy. Taught by IDG’s content, strategy and data experts, this series is split into three episodes that are designed to take marketers step-by-step through creating an effective and actionable content marketing plan. Get started by learning to define personas and journey mapping, then focus on opportunity mapping, and complete your crash course by creating a content strategy framework with insights on activation & optimization.

Developed for senior-level B2B tech marketers, IDG ENGAGE dives into the tech- buying journey with proprietary research, and provides 1st hand insights from tech leaders into how they are interacting with content and navigating the purchase process. Focusing on insights today for connections tomorrow, this multi-city summit also provides peer perspectives for success in the evolving media and marketing landscape. Learn more about IDG ENGAGE today.

IDG’s MarketingFit Workshop brings together tech marketers with industry experts to explore important marketing tactics and strategies. These interactive workshops dive into new methods and tools to effectively engage tech decision-makers, who are contending with an increasingly competitive business environment. Sessions explore a variety of topics, including unique ways to craft and distribute captivating content, how to scale messaging through advanced targeting capabilities and ways to integrate events into your lead-gen practice.

It can be hard to get into the mindset of your customers, particularly when their professional DNA is all about security. In this webcast, Bob Bragdon, SVP and Managing Director of CSO Worldwide, provides a full briefing of IDG’s Security Priorities research and speaks to two security leaders for a discussion on the biggest threats facing them, drivers for security investment and how they evaluate new tools. In short, this webcast is designed to help you break the code and engage with your customers more effectively.

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