Folio Recognizes Computerworld with 2014 Awards

The 2014 Eddie and Ozzie Award winners list is comprised of the biggest and most influential titles across the entire publishing spectrum. From b2b, consumer, association/non-profit, regional to apps and websites the Folio: Eddie & Ozzies honors all brands that are winning in magazine media editorial & design with the Eddies honoring the best in editorial and the Ozzies the best in design, including Computerworld editorial team.

Computerworld won the Ozzie Award, Best B-to-B Feature Design Above 100,000 Circulation for “Big Data Blues,” November 2013.

  • Best B-to-B Cover Design Above 100,000 Circulation (Honorable Mention) :: “Deep Thinkers”
  • Best B-to-B Use of Digital Imagery / Illustration (Honorable Mention) :: “Deep Thinkers”

Computerworld won the  Eddie Award, Best B-to-B Single Article/ Technology/ Telecom for “Managing Chaos (As Usual)” along with:

  • B-to-B Best Column/ Blog  (Winner) :: Computerworld’s “Android Power” Blog, April 2014
  • Best B-to-B Full Issue Technology/ Telecom (Honorable Mention) :: Computerworld August 2013
  • Best B-to-B Online Community (Honorable Mention):: Computerworld’s Shark Tank
  • Best B-to-B Tool (Honorable Mention) :: Computerworld’s Annual Salary Survey
  • Best B-to-B Website/ Technology/ Telecom (Honorable Mention) ::
  • Best B-to-B Website/ Technology/ Telecom (Honorable Mention) ::
  • Best B-to-B Column/ Blog (Honorable Mention) :: ITworld’s “Thank You For Not Sharing”


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