IDC Japan Announced Sales Of Microsoft Windows 98 Japanese Version During The First Two Days

Tokyo, Japan, June 29, 1998–IDC Japan Ltd., a subsidiary of U.S. market research firm International Data Corporation (headquaters: Framingham, Massachusetts) today announced sales of Microsoft Windows 98 Japanese version during the first two days of release.

An estimated 250,000 packages of Japanese Windows 98 sold during the first two days following the release of the new OS in Japan on July 25. This figure, however, does not include preinstalled packages bundled with new personal computers. In comparison, when the Japanese version of Windows 95 was released on November 23, 1995, it registered record sales totaling 200,000 packages during the first four days. Windows 98 reaching the same mark in half the number of days, indicating that while Windows 95 touched off a personal computer boom, Windows 98 is helping the personal computer establish itself firmly as a home appliance among consumers.

Based primarily on the results of surveys by GfK Japan, which handles POS data, IDC Japan estimated sales of personal computers into the home with preinstalled Windows, including Windows 3.x, Windows 95, and Windows 98. During the week between November 20-26, 1995, including the release day of Windows 95, sales of Windows-based personal computers totaled nearly 33,500 units. In comparison, during the July 20-26, 1998, including Windows 98 release day, Windows-based machines sold about 57,000 units, showing an increase of 70.1 percent. The home PC market, after suffering from depressed sales since last year, is beginning to pick up following the release of

Windows 98.

IDC Japan calculated the Windows 98 sales figures based on its analysis and surveys of personal computer users, sales channels, personal computer resource vendors, and personal computer vendors.

About GfK Japan

A member of the GfK/NPD group, which has an information network covering almost every part of the world, GfK Japan collects and provides daily POS data on home appliances and information and communications equipment under the service name ACSISS-E. It currently collects data from about 3,200 sales outlets of 55 mass merchandisers of home appliances and personal computer retailers.

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