IDC Reports 21 Million New Groupware Software Users Worldwide in First-Half 1999

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., August 16, 1999 — In the first half of 1999, integrated collaborative environment (ICE) software, commonly referred to as groupware software, topped 21 million new users worldwide according to estimates from International Data Corporation (IDC). Microsoft took the lead in U.S., rest of world, and overall worldwide markets while Lotus retained the lead in Europe and Asia/Pacific markets.

New Users of ICE (Groupware) Software in First Half 1999 by Region (in millions)

Asia/ Rest of

U.S. Europe Pacific World Worldwide

Microsoft Exchange 3.98 1.92 0.58 1.62 8.10

Lotus Domino/Notes 2.87 2.26 1.34 0.95 7.43

Novell GroupWise 1.84 0.46 0.11 0.28 2.69

Other products 1.67 0.51 0.39 0.65 3.22

Total market 10.36 5.15 2.42 3.51 21.45

Source: International Data Corporation, August 1999

In terms of client access licenses distributed worldwide in 1H99, Microsoft reported 9.6 million new licenses and Lotus reported 7.8 million new licenses.

"Corporations are continuing to recognize the value of collaborative applications in uniting workers both within and outside the organization," said Ian Campbell, vice president of IDC's Collaborative Technologies group. "The growing rate of groupware deployment on a worldwide basis underscores the real advantages achieved by promoting collaboration as an integral part of the work environment."

The European groupware market is a major contributor to overall worldwide growth, steadily accelerating as organizations look beyond basic messaging to groupware that meets a variety of collaborative needs. "Users are recognizing the potential of their groupware environment to support a myriad of business processes, from customer relationship management to project development to content and knowledge management," said Rebecca Wettemann, senior analyst of IDC's European Collaborative Technologies program.

Another factor contributing to increased adoption of groupware solutions around the world is the looming threat of a Y2K meltdown. There are many questions that can't be answered until January 1, 2000, and many organizations are taking the necessary precautions to ensure their businesses will continue to run smoothly. "The approach of the year 2000 and demand for integrated collaborative platforms have helped to drive groupware deployments at firms with older email-only solutions that may malfunction on December 31," said Mark Levitt, research director of IDC's Collaborative Computing research program.

IDC's new user estimates differ from vendor reported new licenses distributed due to the IDC estimates including only licenses for software actually deployed by organizations for internal users in 1H99, and not including licenses distributed through product bundles but not actually used during that period. Both user and license numbers exclude software licensed sold by vendors for use by ISPs and other service providers to host remote subscribers.

For information on IDC's Collaborative Computing and European Collaborative Technologies programs, contact Patrick Gorman in the United States at 508-935-4369 or Mathew Heath in the United Kingdom at +44-181-987-7107.

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