IDG Enterprise Brands Received 2012 Azbee Awards

ASBPE’s Azbee Awards of Excellence program is one of the most competitive there is for business-to-business, trade, association, and professional publications. The awards recognize outstanding work by magazines, newsletters, and digital media — Web sites, e-newsletters, digital magazines, and blogs.

IDG Enterprise brands were presented with National and Northeast region Azbee awards:

  • Case History (Gold) :: “”Ford Revs Up””
  • Organizational Profile (Gold) :: “”Pressure Cooker””
  • Regular Column, Staff Written (Gold) :: “”Connecting the Dots on Green Product Strategies”, “Train Your IT Staff to Think Green””
  • Editorial/Editor’s Letter (Silver) :: “Bring Your Own Everything; Google’s 1G trial a welcome telco prod”
  • Editorial/Editor’s Letter (Bronze) :: “”Cloud Cautions”, “Your New BFF””
  • Regular Column, Staff Written (Bronze) :: “”Get in Touch with Your Inner Panel Moderator”, “How to Misbehave on Stage””
  • Regular Column (Bronze) :: “”The Team You Deserve”; “Bring Your Own Tech? Not Yet””


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