IDG’s PC World Beats PC Magazine in Overall Average Issue Audience

(San Francisco, CA; August 12) — Reinforcing its leadership position, the most recent wave data* for Spring 1999 Mediamark Research, Inc. (MRI), shows PC World hit an all-time average issue audience high of 6.4 million, and has surpassed PC Magazine in average issue audience by nearly 140,000. In addition, the just-released MRI product data reports that, among measured computer and business magazines, PC World does the best job reaching today’s sophisticated buyers.

PC World vs. PC Magazine and Major Business Magazines

Spring 1999 MRI Wave 40 Data*

Average Issue Audience

(000) PC World Advantage

PC WORLD 6,430 —

PC Magazine 6,292 2.2%

Forbes 4,268 51%

Fortune 4,199 53%

Business Week 4,161 55%

Not only does PC World deliver a category-leading average issue audience, it attracts more individuals who buy products direct—and, importantly, more who buy via the Internet.

PC World reaches nearly 3.4 million adults who bought products direct in the past year—100,000 more than its closest competitor. PC World is also the most efficient in delivering this audience, with 55% of its overall composition buying products direct, vs. 53% for PC Magazine and 44% for Business Week. In addition, PC World attracted 207,000 — or almost 20% — more Internet buyers than PC Magazine.

* Spring 1999 MRI average issue audience estimates are an aggregate of two waves of data (or two sampling periods). The sampling period for the first wave, Wave 39, occurred in March 1998 – August 1998 and the second sampling period, Wave 40, occurred in September 1998 – March 1999.

PC World vs. PC Magazine and Major Business Magazines

Spring 1999 MRI Product Data

Any Direct Purchase in Past

12 Months** (000) PC World Advantage Any Internet Purchase in the Past 12 Months (000) PC World Advantage

PC WORLD 3,361 — 1,274 —

PC Magazine 3,257 3.2% 1,067 19.4%

Business Week 1,995 68.5% 515 147.4%

Forbes 1,944 72.9% 403 216.1%

Fortune 1,881 78.7% 551 131.2%

** Includes mail, phone, and Internet

"This MRI data shows that no other computer or business magazine can match PC World in total audience," said Jeff Edman, publisher of PC World. "As a consequence, PC World offers a winning combination for marketers: targeted reach to active direct and Internet buyers. Busy managers are turning to the direct channel — especially online — to purchase computer products, and PC World’s award-winning editorial is the most effective in attracting these decision-makers. Also, MRI’s qualitative data shows that business computer product buyers spend more time reading PC World, and average page exposure is higher, than PC Magazine. This is good news for advertisers who count on print advertising to drive sales, online and off."

PC World is the world’s largest monthly computer publication with a circulation rate base of 1.2 million. PC World and PC World Online ( are published by PC World Communications, Inc., a subsidiary of IDG, the world's leading IT media, research and exposition company. IDG publishes more than 290 computer magazines and newspapers and 500 book titles and offers online users the largest network of technology-specific sites around the world through (, which comprises more than 250 targeted Web sites in 55 countries. IDG is also a leading producer of 168 computer-related expositions worldwide, and provides IT market analysis through 49 offices in 41 countries worldwide. Company information is available at

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