IDG’s Webbdagarna Wins Best B2B Event of the Year in Sweden

Translated from original source, Internet World, in Swedish.

170 grants were nominated in 13 categories when sponsorship and event association organized the Golden Wheel at Artipelag Värmdö outside Stockholm. The award for best events in the category B2B went to Webbdagarna Stockholm, organized by IDG through events company Springconf.

“When I heard our name is called, I jumped up from his chair and yelled right out of joy. It was a huge adrenaline rush,” says Katarina Strömberg, Editor in Chief at Internet World and moderator for Webbdagarna.

Can you explain the success of Webbdagarna?

“Webbdagarna is the perfect mix of inspiration and knowledge. The program is based on an editorial basis, where each point has its own angle, are adapted to target groups and is part of a dramaturgy where we mix with wide niche and visionary with everyday.

We listen all the time to our visitors, and changes and renews the basis of what they want. In addition, we are working hard to make the event an experience for visitors, even about what is happening offstage.”

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