JavaWorld magazine launches Java programming contest — ‘JavaWorld Code

SAN FRANCISCO — 11/01/1999 — JavaWorld magazine today announced the launch of a developer competition titled JavaWorld Code Masters — The Programming Challenge and sponsored initially by IBM's developerWorks. Each month, JavaWorld will post a new challenge for developers who are eager to prove their creative coding skills and compete with fellow programmers in the Java problem-solving arena. JavaWorld's readers will also have the chance to test their Java programming skills against each other.

Starting Monday, November 8, each Java programming challenge will be posted on JavaWorld's site for approximately one month, after which that contest will close and a new one will be posted. Readers can submit solutions to the monthly Java problem prior to the posted deadline.

"IBM's developerWorks is proud to co-sponsor the 'Java World Code Masters Programming Challenge'," said Chris Bahr, Program Director for developerWorks. "This is a great opportunity for IBM to both encourage further growth of Java development in the industry, and to continue to foster a productive and beneficial relationship with the developer community."

A prestigious panel of judges, all Java experts in their own right, will review the entries, carefully considering each entry based on clearly defined criteria. One winner will be selected per month and named JavaWorld Code Master. The winner's source code will be published on JavaWorld's site, along with a profile of the winner and comments from judges.

The judging panel includes:

Geoffrey Charles Fox — Syracuse University

Frank D. Greco — CEO, Crossroads Technologies, Inc.

Jason Hunter — Author of "Java Servlet Programming" (O'Reilly),

publisher of, and CTO of K&A Software

Chris Laffra — Technical Director, OTI Netherlands

Steven McGrath — Macintosh Software Engineer, Java Software

Division, Sun Microsystems

Scott Oaks — Sun Microsystems

Daniel W. Palmer — John Carroll University

Paul Philion — Principal Consultant, Highland Technology Group

Matt Parzych — Java Consultant working on Solutions for Startups

Rodney Ryan — Crossroads Technologies, Inc

Joe Sam Shirah — Owner, Autumn Software

Stephen Wong — Oberlin College

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