Majority of Technology Marketers Plan Budget Increases for 2012

FRAMINGHAM, MA, November 29, 2011 – In a new global research report released today by IDG Research Services, two-thirds of the technology marketers surveyed said they expect their budgets to rise on average 3.5% next year compared to this year.  Digital programs will capture half the spend with 58% on demand generation and 42% on branding.  Events is second at almost 24%.

Respondents to the IDG survey, which was distributed online last August, included 185 tech marketers and 89 agency professionals.  Eight-six percent of the participants were from the United States.

The survey found that digital spend is evenly split between branded tech media sites  with more than 51% and a combination of ad networks, exchanges without real-time bidding (RTB), and RTB systems. Thirty-nine percent plan to spend more on branded sites in 2012 than this year, and 31% of the respondents plan to increase ad network funding.

Spending Priorities and Metrics

As might be expected in a difficult economy, lead generation topped all digital budget categories with almost 27% followed by display/banner at just under 20% and search at almost 19%.   As to what is driving digital media investments in 2012, audience composition, ROI and measurement capabilities, audience reach, and data targeting were selected by more than three-quarters of the respondents.

By a wide margin, click through rate is the most important factor in campaign success with cost-per-engagement and interaction rate almost equal in importance.

Content Marketing

Content marketing, which includes white papers, case studies, videos, custom websites, video and white papers, is among tech marketers’ top five spending priorities for 2012.  Led by collateral at 71%, followed by webcasts/virtual events at 61%, videos at 59%, research at 55%, and articles/features at 54%, marketers are investing in a wide variety of content marketing or custom programs.  Agencies are much more inclined to use custom within media sites/programs than vendors (50% vs. 28%).  When asked about the biggest challenges in producing marketing content, marketers cited producing enough material, creating engaging content and measuring the results.

Approximately two-thirds of the marketers indicate they will outsource one or more projects involving content creation, creative development, ad unit creation and online production/services.

Social, Mobile, and Events Marketing

Seventy-five percent of respondents noted that programs are meeting or exceeding expectations, though issues exist around lack of standard metrics, a shortage of experience with social media, and lack of budget.   When compared to mobile marketing, social is out front in adoption, 95% to 64%.  This indicates that for many marketers, social has advanced beyond the experimental stage unlike mobile.  Of note is that almost half of the marketers – especially agenices — will devote funds to tablet ads next year.

Event spending will rise sharply as 70% of respondents plan on increases for 2012 with a significant shift to small/local roundtable programs and virtual events.

Readers and Marketers Share Similar Preferences

Technology buyers share many of the same media interests as the marketers of products and services as reflected in both their business and home purchases.  In an August online survey of 14,000 users in 11 countries in North and South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, the top source for information is technology websites (78%), followed by tech-related print publications (61%), tech vendor sites (48%), and social sites (28%).  In results weighted to reflect response numbers by region, North American and European users (80% of the weighted results) had identical information source preferences: tech sites, tech print publications, and tech vendor sites. In a major difference, Asian and Oceania (Australian) users rated, social networking as being a more important information source..

An overwhelming majority — 85% — of readers said they are more likely to go to and/or click on a trusted source than rely on a top search ranking.   Ninety-five percent of the buyers said they have registered for content or events online or are likely to do so in the future.  As media companies increasingly offer paid content, the interest in such content is strongest in Asia Pacific and South America.  Pay for information reflects a move to mobile devices as iPad magazine apps and premium mobile apps are only topped by premium technology content on any device.

An amazing 95% of the respondents watch tech videos and three-quarters of them share or post video.  What respondents look for in video varies from one region to another with in-depth product reviews and how-to videos being of most interest.  Most people said they watch on their computers with the majority of viewings after business hours and on weekends.

IT Buyers Rely on Mobile and Social

Apple iOS leads in all regions except Asia Pacific where Android is out front; Android is number two in every other part of the world.  Smartphone and tablet owners use their devices for similar activities: read/send email, read tech news, and interact on social or business networking sites.  The respondents access tech content anywhere and anytime as they are as likely to use their devices after business hours and on weekends as during normal business hours.  Half of respondents report being receptive to mobile ads.

As for social media, YouTube and Facebook lead all platforms with LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter not as popular. Among BtoB respondents, 53% found social extremely/very valuable for finding relevant technology content on the Web, which is double the 2010 figure.  Not surprisingly, 18- to 34-year-olds are most active with social media.  According to all users in the IDG survey, 60% rely most on tech sites, 46% peers or colleagues, and 43% independent tech journalists/bloggers.

IDG Insights

The research clearly shows that digital is sweeping through the technology industry from users to marketers and agencies.  “With half their budgets devoted to digital, marketers are following their customers and prospects who are relying on social, mobile, and video in rapidly increasing numbers worldwide,” said Matthew Yorke, president, IDG Global Solutions.  “A multiplatform world has been added to the multichannel world where mobile devices and social networks are an integral part of the information mix for users.”  Two months ago, IDG announced a suite of services, Mobile@IDG™, to address the marketing needs of tech vendors and agencies.           Yorke added:  “For more than two years, we’ve seen a surge in demand by clients looking for a range of services and products to meet their content marketing and social marketing needs and mobile is on the same track as social.”

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