Shipments for the Overall Hardcopy Market Record Strong Sequential Growth of 11.6%, According to IDC

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – December 3, 2009 – Despite challenging market conditions, total shipments for the overall hardcopy market recorded sequential growth of 11.6% in the third quarter of 2009 (3Q09), according to IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker. MFP shipments continue to dominate the hardcopy market with 17.0 million units shipped in 3Q09, representing 63% of total shipments in the quarter. The market's bright spot remains the color laser multifunction peripheral (MFP) space, with year-over-over growth of 1.3%, an impressive climb from year-over-year growth of –6% in the second quarter.

To weather the current economic situation, major vendors are maintaining their focus on aggressive pricing, strong promotions, and improving their relationship with channel partners across regions. “Vendors are getting more and more creative with their offerings, from bundling their product with Symantec anti-virus software to store gift cards to mobile phone cards,” said Phuong Hang, program manager, Worldwide Hardcopy Peripheral Trackers. “We are also seeing an increasing number of vendors putting additional effort into building their channel relationships, including boosting their incentive rewards for the best-performing channels.”

Technology Highlights

* Sequentially, all inkjet, monochrome and color laser printers, and MFP categories experienced positive growth in 3Q09, with monochrome laser printers and MFPs leading the pack with 14% growth over the second quarter.

* The laser market continues to trail behind the inkjet segment by 42%, with approximately 7.4 million units shipped in 3Q09.

* The laser MFP market remains the largest segment in terms of value at $2.8 billion, even though the segment's unit shipments only accounted for 11% of the total hardcopy market.

* Compared to the second quarter, the color laser segment showed a notably slower year-over-year decline (-11% in 3Q09 vs. -22% in 2Q09), making this the best performing subtechnology in 3Q09 in terms of year-over-year growth.

Regional Highlights

* U.S. – Despite the challenging economic conditions, the U.S. market faired relatively well compared to the other regions. It ranks third after Asia/Pacific and Japan in terms of shipments and fourth in terms of value after Japan, Asia/Pacific, and Canada.

* Western Europe – In 3Q09, Western Europe seems to have reached the bottom of its decline in growth rates, with year-over-year unit shipments declining 12%, which is approximately 10 points higher than the previous quarter. This region ranks second in terms of value ($2.7 billion) in 3Q09, and third in terms of unit shipments (6.0 million).

* CEMA –The hardest hit region in terms of growth rates was Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Africa (CEMA). In 3Q09, unit shipments declined 37%, while value declined 51%.

* Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) – This region is in the second position, just ahead of the U.S., in terms of unit shipments with 6.6 million in 3Q09. APeJ maintained its fourth place rank in terms of value with $1.8 billion. The value growth rate for this region was second only to Japan’s.

* Japan – This region’s –7% shipment growth rate is second only to Asia/Pacific and its value growth rate of –3% was the best when compared to other regions in 3Q09.

Vendor Highlights

* HP remains the number one hardcopy peripheral vendor worldwide in terms of shipments, despite losing nearly 4 points in unit market share and declining 23% year over year in 3Q09. The Americas region was HP’s strongest in terms of unit growth in 3Q09, with –17% year-over-year growth, compared to –26% and –29% growth in APeJ and EMEA respectively. Compared to a year ago, both MFP and printer segments experienced market share declines in 3Q09 on a worldwide basis.

* Canon strengthened its position as the number two vendor, gaining 3% in the overall hardcopy market share to 19% in 3Q09, up from 16% in 3Q08. Canon and Samsung were the only two vendors in the top 5 with positive year-over-year growth worldwide. APeJ was Canon’s best performing region in 3Q09, trending at 12% year-over-year growth, outpacing the Americas (0%) and EMEA (-8%). Compared to one year ago, both the MFP and Printer divisions experienced market share expansion in 3Q09 on a worldwide basis with 14% growth in 3Q08 and 18% growth in 3Q09 for MFPs and 17% growth in 3Q08 and 20% growth in 3Q09 for Printer.

* Epson retained its number three rank in the total hardcopy market based on shipments in 3Q09, gaining one point in market share from a year ago. However, Epson’s unit shipments declined 5% year over year in 3Q09. Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) was the top performing region for Epson in terms of year-over-year shipment growth (+3%), followed by Americas (0%) and EMEA (-15%). Epson’s worldwide MFP shipments (+3%) grew faster than its printer shipments (-16%) in 3Q09.

* Brother maintained its fourth position overall, holding on to 6% share of the total hardcopy market in 3Q09. As with most vendors, Brother’s total shipments slipped in 3Q09 resulting in a year-over-year decline of 17%, second worst among the top 5. Its Printer division faired better than MFPs in the quarter, maintaining a 3% share in the Printer space while MFPs lost 1 point, going from 8% in 3Q08 to 7% market share.

* Samsung made the top 5 list for the first time based on its positive year-over-year growth of 2% in the overall hardcopy market worldwide. Samsung’s unit shipments jumped from 1.34 million in 3Q08 to 1.37 million in 3Q09, increasing its total market share from 4% to 5%. Samsung's MFP and Printer divisions both expanded their worldwide market share in the quarter, from 3% to 4% for MFP, and 5% to 7% for Printer.

Worldwide Hardcopy Peripherals Market Share and Year-Over-Year

Growth, Third Quarter,2009 (3Q09)

Vendors 3Q09 Unit Shipments 3Q08UnitShipments 3Q09 MarketShare 3Q08 MarketShare 3Q09/3Q08Growth

1. HP 11,063,042 14,357,455 41% 45% -23%

2. Canon 5,071,888 4,976,002 19% 16% 2%

3. Epson 3,872,392 4,060,087 14% 13% -5%

4. Brother 1,516,674 1,828,106 6% 6% -17%

5. Samsung 1,369,364 1,343,494 5% 4% 2%

Others 4,222,624 5,188,024 16% 16% -19%

Total 27,115,984 31,753,168 100% 100% -15%

Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker,

November 2009

U.S. Hardcopy Peripherals Market Share and Year-Over-Year

Growth, Third Quarter, 2009 (3Q09)

Vendors 3Q09UnitShipments 3Q08UnitShipments 3Q09MarketShare 3Q08 MarketShare 3Q09/3Q08Growth

1. HP 3,453,551 3,872,762 52% 53% -11%

2. Canon 879,466 849,966 13% 12% 3%

3. Lexmark 536,257 843,064 8% 12% -36%

4. Epson 497,030 435,520 8% 6% 14%

5. Brother 366,354 398,292 6% 5% -8%

Others 893,595 905,074 13% 12% -1%

Total 6,626,253 7,304,678 100% 100% -9%


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