TSA Certifies Airport Explosives Detection System For Baggage

Bedford, MA, – January 25, 2005 – Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc. (Reveal), developers of automated baggage inspection systems, announced today that its new CT-80 explosives detection system (EDS) has been fully certified by the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) for checked baggage inspection in U.S. airports. At less than half the size and cost of traditional baggage screening systems, the Reveal Imaging product can be easily integrated into existing airline check-in desks or at any other point in the checked baggage system.

The CT-80, developed as part of the TSA’s “Phoenix” next-generation EDS development program, revolutionizes the total luggage inspection process with a unique and significantly smaller system. Reveal Imaging is one of only three companies to successfully pass TSA’s rigorous certification process for checked baggage screening systems.

“This state-of-the-art technology is great news for both airport operators and airline passengers,” said Michael Ellenbogen, president and CEO of Reveal Imaging Technologies. “Our screening system provides the next step in baggage explosives screening.”

The Reveal Imaging CT-80 EDS uses proven Computed Tomography (CT) technology deployed in an innovative way to shrink the size, cost and weight of the system. The dual-energy CT scans the entire bag to measure both density and atomic number of every object in the bag, thereby optimizing detection while reducing the number of false alarms. Because the CT-80 is fully networked, scanners can be distributed throughout the terminal while security operators review bag images from a single remote location. Cleared bags pass quickly to be loaded on the airplane while potentially problematic luggage is directed via an automated tag to be reviewed by trained personnel. The computer screen clearly outlines suspicious objects and the operator can easily manipulate the image in numerous ways to determine if it poses a threat.

“The War against Terrorism goes beyond the efforts of the federal government. TSA understands the importance of continuing to partner with the private sector in our quest to stay one step ahead of terrorists,” said Chuck Burke, Assistant Administrator and Chief Technology Officer for TSA.

About Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Bedford, MA, privately-held Reveal Imaging Technologies, Inc. (Reveal), has developed the world’s smallest, lowest-cost certified EDS system for airport security. Reveal’s solution, driven by sophisticated automated detection software, is significantly more cost and space efficient than current EDS systems.

Reveal brings together security imaging experts with over 100 years of combined experience designing, developing and deploying EDS for airport and facility security.

Reveal Imaging is a venture-backed company with top-tier lead investors, including General Catalyst, Greylock and IDG Ventures.

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