United Nations ICT Task Force, InfoWorld Media Group and AIT Global Announce International IT Survey

New York, NY – January 10, 2005 – The United Nations Information and Communications Technologies Task Force Secretariat (UN ICT TF), InfoWorld Media Group (InfoWorld), and AIT Global Inc. (AIT), today announced that all three organizations have combined their research prowess, reach, and knowledge of the IT community to undertake one of the largest and most comprehensive international surveys on information technologies.

The study will explore the IT educational topics deemed most important by businesses, governments, non-profit and academic authorities from around the world, in support of their IT initiatives for business, trade, and social development.

The survey is available for your participation at the AIT Global Web Site,

The UN ICT TF will send invitations to participate to CEOs and CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) from the top 1400 businesses in the world, heads of government and their senior staff in over 190 nations, and major non-profits.

The results of the survey, when completed, should enlighten IT purchasers in business, government, and education, and help them make better buying decisions as they design and implement IT infrastructure and systems components.

Based on the results, high-level training programs for business, government, non-profits, and educational authorities are planned for New York City, Washington, DC, Shanghai, China, and Tunis, Tunisia, in 2005. Sessions will include broad programs to bring IT firms together with organizations requiring IT support.

A summary of the survey results will be available for respondents to use in their own self-development planning.

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