Windows NT and Linux Show Greatest Potential Among Major Server Platforms in Latin America, New IDC Study Reveals

FRAMINGHAM, MA – MAY 2, 2000 – Windows NT and Linux were the only two server platforms identified by survey respondents as "business-critical computing environments" within their enterprises, according to a new survey-based study published by IDC Latin America. This analysis is the result of almost 500 interviews held with small, medium-sized, and large-sized companies in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico during the last quarter of 1999.

To uncover the dynamics driving the server platform market, IDC Latin America analyzed the market's installed base and migration patterns, data storage, shared storage systems, distribution of enterprise applications, and databases. "The results show that the Windows NT platform is being deployed for all forms of enterprise tasks – from collaborative and enterprise applications to Web-oriented tasks – and its success has been at the expense of other platforms, most notably NetWare," said Alex Manfrediz, an analyst with IDC's Latin American enterprise research program. "We believe the growth prospects for Windows NT will remain very favorable given its rise in importance among enterprises."

The Linux platform, while undoubtedly still a young platform in Latin America, is nonetheless creeping its way into the enterprise. "Our survey results indicate that Linux servers are increasing in use and more importantly assuming some mission-critical functions," said Manfrediz. "We expect that this platform will play a significant role in processes related to creating, servicing, and marketing Web sites." As of yearend 1999, survey results suggest that 8% of all servers in this sample were Linux based; by yearend 2000 IDC predicts that this share will increase to 10%.

Additional key findings from IDC?s new study indicate that:

· The relationship between server platforms and data storage continues to evolve as shared storage systems become more commonplace. The data storage systems market is expected to be a high growth area during 2000, fueled by the increase in users accessing databases and on-line applications. The upsurge of enterprise applications like ERM, CRM, and eCommerce is accelerating technological changes in storage infrastructure from the small-sized company to the large corporation.

· With regard to the distribution of enterprise applications, survey results confirm the back-office focus of Unix and OS/400 and the front-office domination of Windows NT. Linux, however, was identified as an emerging server platform for Web-oriented tasks.

· Selecting the type of server platform for an enterprise is directly related to various business considerations (initial cost outlay, maintenance, and ROI) and technological factors related to performance (availability, scalability, and security). IDC's Latin America Technology Integration Panel Study conducted the survey. Full results from the survey are presented in IDC's Latin America Server Operating Environments: End User Perspectives on Platforms, Storage, Applications, and Administration (IDC #B22206). To purchase this report, please contact Daniel Cardamone at 305-267-2616 or

For more information about IDC's Latin America research programs, please contact Beth Freedman or Lisa Bloom at 508-872-8200.

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