Trending: B2B Marketers Share Holiday Cheer for Engagement

The holidays are here and while many believe it is a B2C marketers playground, B2B marketers can get it on the holiday cheer. Geary LSF recently shared 7 great tips B2B marketers can use this holiday season to get in the spirit.

Here is a highlight of the marketing tips recommended for this holiday season:

  • Give the gift of content. It’s a great time to send out an industry best-practices white paper, infographic, or video that will set you apart from your competitors.
  • Make it Interactive. B2B marketing emphasizes lead generation rather than short-term direct sales. Your audience doesn’t have a lot of time, but they do have time for useful, relevant info. Create interactive holiday-themed content that asks for their contact info while it keeps your brand on their radar and encourages them to spend a little more time with you. Try asking them to rate their industry know-how, take a New Year’s resolution poll, or fill out a holiday office party quiz. Targeted content with a little bit of fun holiday flair can be quick to create and produce a nice holiday glow.
  • Use an omni-channel approach. B2B marketers in all industries benefit from leveraging multiple channels and using a holistic approach to connect with prospects at each critical touch point. Remember to use all the channels where you’ve established a presence.

The complete article by Geary LSF can be found here.

If you would like to learn more about engaging technology decision-makers, IDG Enterprise can help you build a engagement strategy around industry leading research, contact Sue Yanovitch, VP of Marketing, IDG Enterprise at for information on our insight on the technology decision-maker and how you can and should engage them.


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