TechHive is the only consumer tech website 100% dedicated to smart-home and home-entertainment gear. No other website has TechHive’s razor-sharp focus on these specific, rapidly evolving technologies or caters exclusively to this passionate consumer base. TechHive believes that the home of the future is a fully automated smart home, that home security is paramount and that no one has to settle for antiquated technology. This site is curated by us, dedicated for you. See what TechHive has to offer.

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  • Lighting
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Michael Brown

Executive Editor, TechHive

Michael Brown

Executive Editor, TechHive

Michael Brown joined International Data Group in April 2012 and is currently Executive Editor at TechHive, an IDG B2C editorial property focused on the smart home (home security, smart thermostats, smart lighting, etc.) and home entertainment (smart TVs, home audio, cord-cutting, etc.). He also covers home networking for PCWorld. Michael works out of a smart home he built in 2007, which he uses as a real-world product testing lab.

Prior to his current role, Michael was a Senior Editor at PCWorld and he has held editorial positions at a wide variety of other tech publishing companies, including CNET (Director of CNET Gamecenter), Future (Executive Editor at Maximum PC, Maximum Tech, EZ Tech Guides), and Electronic Musician (Associate Editor). As a freelancer, he has contributed to Computerworld, New Media magazine, Networkworld, Macweek, and similar publications. He graduated from California State University East Bay with a degree in Multimedia Journalism in 1987.

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Matt Egan

Global Editorial Director

Matt Egan

Global Editorial Director

An executive leader with more than two decades experience leading successful editorial teams, Matt Egan is IDG Communications’ first ever Global Editorial Director.

Matt leads and supports IDG’s world class teams of journalists in key markets across the globe, as they create expert content in multiple major world languages. He is responsible for audience development, data, content, ecommerce, analytics, video, and content strategy for the world’s most popular business-to-business and B2C technology publications and events.

Prior to his global role Matt managed IDG’s award-winning enterprise and B2C editorial teams in the US, UK, ASEAN, France and Spain.

Matt holds a BA in English and Drama from the University of Hull. He’s married with two children and enjoys running.

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Christian Löbering

Global Content Director, B2C

Christian Löbering

Global Content Director

Christian Löbering is a global executive leader with a holistic approach to digital media and a decade of experience in leading successful editorial and commercial teams. Christian leads and supports his teams across the world to reach and inspire a global tech-savvy audience through a data informed publishing strategy, combined with editorial excellence, embracing technology and partnerships.

With roots in content, Christian now leads IDG’s world class editorial teams for the following technology brands: PCWorld, Macworld, PC-WELT, Macwelt, ChannelPartner, Tech Advisor, TechHive, PC för Alla and M3. He is responsible for the content strategy, platform strategy, audience development, SEO, data, analytics, social media, video, custom content and content driven ecommerce.

Christian grew up in a bi-cultural French/German family and holds a BA in Physics from the TU Munich. He is married with two children and enjoys making music.

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